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MINI flexUno - 100% stainless steel

minimum space – maximum power

At MIDO 2019  we presented the latest innovation in spring hinge technology: the MINI spring hinge – powered with flexUno technology - 100% in stainless steel.

OBE integrated in this spring hinge a new version of the well proven flexUno mechanism and wrapped it in a brand new housing. This case was diminished to a minimum length of only 7.7 mm which is 25% less compared to standard spring hinge cases.

The shrinking of the case did not affect the performance of mini flexuno – on the contrary. This flex passed OBE’s major endurance tests having additionally the anti-rocking feature thanks to the double barrel construction of the mechanism. OBE selected for this product the premium material stainless steel – for all subcomponents like case, mechanism and spring and even the main relevant front hinges. This makes the product unique as it can be declared as anallergic due to the zero nickel emission! The first generation of MINI flexUno was presented at MIDO 2019 in a width of 3.3 mm. Frame manufactures can choose the loose version mainly for metal frames or the wire version for acetate frames. 

For more information click on the picture to download the brochure!

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