flexUno MINI I 微型Uno铰

This flex is tiny & at the same time strong in performance. Use it on metal or acetate frames – easy to be combined in many different styles. flexUno MINI can be integrated in an elegant way in your collection! We also have an option for an interchangeable version – very popular on kids frames!

flexUno MINI(微型Uno铰)是一款体积小但弹力强的新弹弓铰链,可用于金属和板材眼镜架,也可以使用于各种组合眼镜架上。flexUno MINI(微型Uno铰) 结构新颖,美观可爱。它有可拆卸弹弓芯体的版本,用于儿童眼镜架非常受欢迎。

mini flexuno

flexUno MINI

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flexUno MINI


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