Plug & Flex I 推进式弹簧

The new Plug & Flex from OBE is a completely new spring hinge for injection frames. The construction makes the processing easy, cost effective and very economic. Just insert Plug & Flex in the pre-defined temple hole. After insertion just assemble the direct jointing screw! That’s it! The processing time is reduced by 50% compared to similar products. Thanks to the special teeth construction the tear out force is extremely high. The spring hinge construction enables additionally to regulate the spring force according to the individual requirements. Plug & Flex(推进式弹簧) 是OBE 全新推出的一款用于注塑架的弹弓铰链。此新结构的弹弓铰链使用简便、低成本高效率、经济实惠。安装时只需将此铰链推入镜腿预留孔,然后用螺丝直接进行组装。相比其它类似的产品在时间上提高效率50%。由于其结构采用了特殊的锯齿结构使它可以承受更大的拉力,还可根据不同情况的要求,对镜腿所需要的弹力大小进行调节.

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Plug & Flex


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Plug & Flex

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