Space Screws I 太空螺丝

This brand new PLASTIC screw system is a further development of our proven Injection Safety screw (ISS) system. The space screws are real trouble shooters as they compensate for larger tolerances. More interaction between plastic and metal reduces the risk of having floppy or loosing temples even on frames with multibarrel hinges or on frames combining different materials! Easy to be recognised with the injected blue coloured plastic!

新系列包胶螺丝命名为Space screws(太空螺丝),是OBE在具有良好功能的包胶螺丝基础上更进一步拓展。Space screws(太空螺丝) 能解决在配件公差较大情况下的松动问题。且这种螺丝套胶和金属铰链间的相互作用更大,从而进一步降低镜腿松动和摇摆的问题。对多齿铰链和多种材质的适应性也更好。另外,蓝色套胶的识别性也更高!

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