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  • obe premium spring hinges


flexUno - the most stable spring hinge in the market

The introduction of the flexUno concept to the market in 2009 revolutionised the hinge world! Thanks to the simple but ingenious construction of flexUno OBE witht the U-shaped mechanism set a new standard of spring hinges concerning stability and strength and reduction of the torsion. Meanwhile OBE offers a variety of products based on this construction i.e. spring hinges for welding and soldering, all kind of spring hinges on wire for plastic frames, titanium spring hinges - an even super flat constructions like the so-called "Wafer". Finally customers can get the flexUno benefit also for the own monobloc temples by using mechanisms with the U-shaped mechanism. 

The strength of flexUno is appreciated also by lots of kid frame producers as the "target customers" could use the spectacles in a quite "wild" way!


The interchangeable system "Switch it"

Easy - simple - fast - this is the motto of Switch-it - an innovative system for changing spectacle components. Only in a few seconds - without the need of any toolings it is possible to change bridges or temples of a frame. The secret of Switch-it are the so-called MIMs by OBE. These components enable the foolproof mounting of the correponding end pieces or bridges. Thanks to this panteted system the frames can be changed every day and be adapted to the relevant clothes somebody is wearing.

Automatic opening of the sunglass thanks to AUTOFLEX

The spring hinge which can be opened nearly automatically.
This system enables a "one-hand-opening" of a sunglass frame if suddenly i.e. a car driver is disturbed by the sun.
Thanks to the flexUno technology in combination with a special shaped front hinge the temple of a frame do open much easier compared to standard spring hinges. As a result the consumer can react much faster!

The Star from OBE: the perfect fixing system for rimless frames

obe-star - english  Film