premium spring hinges

Premium spring hinges

  • For metal, plastic & combination frames
  • Simple & robust double barrel mechanism in stainless steel
  • Zero rocking thanks to U shaped mechanism
  • Extended adjustment - easy fitting -> nearly indestructible
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premium spring hinges

Premium spring hinges

flexUno hinges are considered to be the strongest and most stable spring hinges in the market thanks to the U-shaped mechanism made of stainless steel. These signature products from OBE are equipped with a superior pull out force. Therefore these hinges are often used in kids spectacles as they are nearly indestructible. In slimmer dimensions OBE offers flexIno one barrel solutions which have been successfully used in the market since years.

Width 4.3 mm 73-04064.900

73-04064.900X flexUno injection
  • Nickel silver short hinge on wire – nickel plated
  • Best application in injected temples
  • Easy & stable U-shaped mechanism in stainless steel
  • Zero rocking & easy adjustment with flexUno two barrel construction
  • For injection
  • Mechanism exchangeable
  • 75% of recycled nickel silver chips are used in the production of new cases
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