Thanks to the continuous development of standard components OBE is able to transfer this knowledge into tailor made projects. Before realising individual products we are able evaluate their functionality thanks to 3D simulations. Numerous customised projects are realised every year and thanks to our flexible production capabilities samples can be provided in a short period of time.


OKIA - 360° movable spring hinge

obe okia


  • Special designed hinge made 100% in stainless steel
  • Hinge moves in a 360° rotation
  • Patented by OKIA, Optical Company Ltd., Hong Kong

360° hinge OBE



Switch it - exchangeable temple system


obe switchit

  • Fixing endpiece in stainless steel
  • Enables the possibility to exchange temples and bridges
  • Patented by EBM, Germany


J.F.Rey - Sliding spring hinge

obe jfrey

  • Special design flex hinge in titanium
  • Sliding effect of housing
  • Patented by J.F. Rey, France


Mykita - Exclusive hinge

obe mykita

  • Special designed hinge made 100% in stainless steel
  • Screwless construction
  • Patented by Mykita GmbH, Germany


STATE - Exclusive hinge on wire

obe state

  • Special designed hinge on wire made in nickel silver
  • Equipped with ISS Technology
  • Spectacles by State Optical Co., made in USA
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