For OBE as a family owned company, sustainability has a long tradition. OBE is striving for saving the environment and maintaining it for future generations. It is not only a sign of foresight but also a sign of ecological responsibility. We make a huge effort to save resources and use them sparingly to reduce harmful environmental impacts as small as possible.


Environmental management system

OBE was certificated for their environmental management system in 2017. Therefore the whole site and area of application with the development, production and distribution of small, metallic precision parts and components for different branches has established and applies an environmental management system.


WIN Charta

As one out of 38 companies within Baden-Wuerttemberg, OBE has sign the WIN-Charta on 20th of May 2014. Thereby the companies commit to twelve Guidelines and goals for a sustainable management.

 obe wincharta2014


Ressource efficiency award

OBE was named as best resource-efficient company and earned a place on the list of 100 companies for resource efficiency. 2017 OBE received the environmental technology award and the resource efficiency award by the economics ministry for developing complex magnets out of recycled materials.


DIN ISO 9001:2015

The certificate DIN ISO 9001 builds the basis and confirms our high quality standards.

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