27.09.2021 I OBE at Silmo 2021

27.09.2021 I OBE at Silmo 2021
The international optics fair SILMO took place in Paris from September 24th to 27th. We were really happy about the live presence and thank you very much for visiting us at the booth.

28.04.2021 I OBE Digital Expo

28.04.2021  I  OBE Digital Expo
The first OBE Digital Expo with numerous customer appointments took place on April 20 and 21. On this occasion, we presented a general presentation of our innovations. Additionally there was also a dynamic exchange of individual projects and market trends. If you could not join the event, we would be happy to send you our DIGITAL EXPO presentation. (Just send us an email: info@obe.de) We think that this format was very well received by all participants and we look forward to seeing you again soon in autumn - possibly maybe in a real fair but also additionally digitally!

11.02.2021 I Hinges on wire with flat rivet hinge look

11.02.2021  I      Hinges on wire with flat rivet hinge look

This month we present a new hinge on wire for insertion in acetate frames. The harmonious conical shape of the nickelplated wire matches perfectly to the elegant hinge which has been designed for this product.

In fact the hinge has a flat shape with rounded edges and is inspired to a riveting hinge. So the result is a look a like riveting hinge which is ready to use and to be shooted in acetate. From the front part collection you can choose either 90 degree front parts for inserting or two different rivet hinges. These can be used wit our single rivets in different lengths or now also with a trendy double rivet. To complete the perfect functionality we offer this new hinge on wire with OBEs Space Screws which provide an optimum and smooth articulation granting at the same time a anti loosening effect.  Ask for samples and download the brochure. >>>>

01.01.2021 #OBEadventcalendarsummary2020

Our advent calendar on our website in december 2020, is just finished and was a great success. We would like to thank everyone for participating in our Popsocket competition. We hope you enjoyed our OBE advent calendar with special moments, great OBE products and impressions of the year 2020 that are kept in best memory.
We hope you all had a good, healthy and successful start into the new year 2021!

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*Gemafreie Musik: Blue Balloon von FRAMETRAXX*

01.11.2020 I OBE flexUno MINI - the most eco-friendly spring hinge!

25% Less Material
flexUno MINI sets new standards in saving resources to protect the environment: The minimized construction enables the realisation of a product by reducing its size to the minimum – especially in comparison to similar spring hinges. On the other hand this new product performance has not in any way been reduced. Thanks to the integrated zero rocking technology flexUno MINI is one of OBE‘s most sturdy spring hinges.

100 % Recycling
The flexUno MINI case is manufactured by Metal Injection Molding which is completely waste free. The cases are produced by injection and after this process the non-used sprues can be transformed again to a feedstock and reused for the production of the next new cases. A closed cycle can therefore be guaranteed!

Zero Allergy
flexUno MINI is manufactured completely from stainless steel. It is an approved steel used also in medical applications and has no nickel release. Thanks to the corrosion resistance of the chosen material it is also not necessary to nickel plate the product for acetate frames – another big advantage which further protects our worthful environment!

Optionally exchangeable
With flexUno MINI we also offer you a version with which you can exchange the mechanism. flexUno MINI also offers you the option to exchange the mechanism in the unlikely case of damage. This feature is another proof of a sustainable and durable product.

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flexUno MINI Green

10.07.2020 I Sustainability at OBE


Sustainability at OBE. An obligation since 1996 - no fashion trend!

    Environmental protection has a long tradition at OBE and goes far beyond compliance with the applicable regulations. The effort to protect our environment and to preserve it for future generations is not only a sign of foresight for us, but also an ecological responsibility.

    We were one of the first! With the fulfilment of the EC Eco Audit Regulation, OBE passed the first certification of an environmental management system in 1996. We have been certified according to EMAS since 1996 and according to DIN EN ISO 14001. Since then we have been facing this voluntary review.

    Numbers that speak for themselves! We strive to make all processes and procedures environmentally friendly. We want to conserve resources and use them sparingly.

    And the Oscar goes to ... For this extraordinary commitment, we received the Resource Efficiency Award from the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology and additionally the Environmental Technology Award from the Baden-Württemberg Environment Ministry. At the same time, we are listed as one of 100 companies in Baden-Württemberg for resource efficiency.

    Here are some facts about how environmental engagement affects our core products:
    • All our nickel silver and titanium chips are sent back to the raw material supplier, who in turn uses them to create the profiles for our housings. 60% of these chips are used in the production of new profiles. A share of approx. 40% of new material is required to guarantee the quality of the products. Please see our flexUno overview brochure and discover our sustainable products!
    • The plastic sprues of all of our safety screws are regranulated and permanently used in the process. Since the introduction of this technology, 1.5 tons of new material has been saved. Only about 10% of new polyamide is added. So we use 90% recycled material for our safety screws – ca. 150 Mio. pieces p.a. used in spectacles.
    • The new flexUno MINI spring hinge is manufactured using Metal Injection Molding (MIM) technology. The sprues of the stainless steel housing that arise after the injection process are all (100%) reused. There are therefore no chips and as a result no waste at all. The medical stainless steel used to manufacture flexUno MINI is ideal for allergic people as the material will not corrode and therefore there is no need to nickel plate it.
    • We still have a long way to go when it comes to environmental protection and resource conservation, as we have one goal: to get better and better. With continuous improvement measures, we consistently implement this claim. This historical movie is therefore our daily motivation!

    Do you know, that OBE back in 2008 was already awarded with the Silmo d’Or for the investments in sustainability?

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30.04.2020 I OBE on Instagram

Discover OBE now on the social networking platform Instagram! Beside of product innovations, exciting videos and photos, we present you further Information about OBE - via Story or within a post. Follow us and do not miss out anything:

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07.04.2020 I MIDO 2020 postponed

07.04.2020   I   MIDO 2020 postponed
The organizers of MIDO postponed the fair to 2021.

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05.04.2020 I Factory in Germany & China according to schedule

We would like to update you in regards to the situation within our production plants. The precautions are still in place at our plant in China. Thankfully the factory is fully operational again with most of the staff doing their very best and in some cases by working overtime and on weekends to deliver the new orders that have been received. We have now also installed similar precautions within our factory here in Germany. At the moment the factory is fully operational and all the employees are at work. With this letter we would like to confirm that all our offices and our representatives all over thenworld are active and can take care of all your inquiries and process your orders as soon as we receive them. Unfortunately we cannot meet with you personally at the moment however we wish you and your families good health during this difficult period and we look forward to seeing you soon again.
Thank you for your continued support and understanding.
With kindest regards,
OBE GmbH & Co. KG

31.03.2020 I Plug & Flex - new for injected frames

The new Plug & Flex from OBE is a completely new spring hinge for injection frames. The construction makes the processing easy, cost effective and very economic. Just insert Plug & Flex in the pre-defined temple hole. After insertion just assemble the direct jointing screw! That’s it! The processing time is reduced by 50% compared to similar products. Thanks to the special teeth construction the tear out force is extremely high. The spring hinge construction enables additionally to regulate the spring force according to the individual requirements.


plug&flex hinge for spectaclesplug&flex hinge for eyewearplug&flex hinge insertplug&flex with direct joining screwplug&flex readyplug&flex grafik hinge for frames


Plug & Flex

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26.03.2020 I Space Screws - the best movement for temples

This brand new PLASTIC screw system is a further development of our proven Injection Safety screw (ISS) system. The space screws are real trouble shooters as they compensate for larger tolerances. More interaction between plastic and metal reduces the risk of having floppy or loosing temples even on frames with multibarrel hinges or on frames combining different materials! Easy to be recognised with the injected blue coloured plastic!

space screws for eyewearobe space screws for spectaclesobe space screws for glasses

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20.03.2020 I ISH² - Injection safety hinges for 5 barrel constructions

OBE offers a high end solution for acetate non flex frames which have not been previously on the market. For the first time it is possible to combine an injection safety hinge with a multibarrel hinge on wire. Therefore in large temples it is possible to guarantee a consistent and smooth temple movement. Needless to say that the system can be inclinated easily in order to adapt the temple in a optimum way for the wearer.

nonflex hinge for eyewearish2 nonflex hinge for glassesish2 nonflex hinge for spectacles

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18.03.2020 I MINI flexUno - strong & short & stainless steel

18.03.2020   I   MINI flexUno - strong & short & stainless steel
    OBE integrated in this new spring hinge the well proven flexUno technology. The case was diminished to a minimum length of only 7.7 mm. The shrinking of the case did not affect the performance of the spring hinge – On the contrary: This flex passed OBE’s major endurance tests having additionally the anti-rocking feature thanks to the double barrel construction of the mechanism. OBE selected for this product the premium material stainless steel: all components like case, mechanism and spring and the main relevant front hinges are made of stainless steel. This makes the product unique as it can be declared anallergic due to the zero nickel emission! Frame manufacturers can choose the loose version mainly for metal frames or the wire version for acetate frames.

stainless steel hinge for spectaclesmini hinge for eyewearexchangeable hinge for eyewearmini hinge for glasses

flexUno MINI


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